About Us

We tried every hair care product out there — then we created something better.


Est. 2020

It started with a dream

humble beginnings

Our humble beginnings started in the UK with the founding of Zee.ellé, a British luxury wig house celebrated for its craftsmanship, innovation, and design, and since 2014 has grown exponentially to include thousands of people worldwide.

going beyond

Forever on a mission to make this world a more beautiful place, we’ve stopped at nothing to not only make the best wigs on earth but to ensure they stay looking great for many years to come.

And so FORHALLÉ was born.

Our mission.

Founded with a mission is to create the best extensions and wig care products on the planet. With us, care is a priority, not an afterthought, so we stopped at nothing to create expertly formulated products that are made with every hair type in mind.


The ingredient that changed it all.

Known as Seaberry oil, this antioxidant oil derived from the Seaberry Fruit is known as the world strongest antioxidant oil and has allowed people everywhere to reach new heights in longevity and care. Deeply moisturizing and extremely rejuvenating, it’s the key to keeping your wig and extensions looking its finest each and every day.

For you. For us. FORHALLÉ

Core Values

Formula First

Formula First

100% Vegan

100% Vegan



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