Hair Extensions Mistakes and Ways to Correct Them

Hair extensions are somewhat miraculous. Interestingly, the best hair extensions could transform your outward appearance from a short style, short or long bob, or even thin hair into long, thick, and healthy locks that will turn envious heads your way.

But you might find everything difficult if you are new to hair extensions, especially when it comes to making them work for you naturally. This is because you are unknowingly making some mistakes with your hair extensions. How do you recognize these mistakes and correct them? Here, we’ll reveal some of the mistakes with your hair extensions you are making while also providing the best ways to correct them. Read on.

You’re Not Shade Matching Correctly

One of the common mistakes among hair extension users is color matching their extensions to the roots of the hair. Meanwhile, it is more appropriate to match your shade to the ends and the middle of your hair. Usually, extensions extend your hair allowing it to perfectly match the color at both the middle and the ends of your hair in order to achieve a natural outward appearance.

If you are unsure of the best ways to shade correctly, it is more appropriate to visit an expert to help you find a perfect match.

You Are Using the Wrong Hair Type

Of course, thin-haired people could find it easy to purchase hair extensions made of thick, lustrous hair. Similarly, fine-haired people could also find themselves attracted to thick and coarse hair extensions. However, the best clip in hair extensions could look wrong if you deviate from your own hair type.

Putting on a hair covering on a thick and coarse hair looks apparently wrong. And it will even become more obvious that you are putting on a hair extension. Likewise, thick and coarse hairs doesn’t require fine hair extensions. Regardless of your level of love for fine, silky hair, fine hair extensions won’t work for you because they are not your hair type.

You Are Choosing Clip-In Extensions with a Long Length

If you’ve got super short hairs, chances are that your own hair won’t be able to cover your extension clips. In that case, you should grow your hair until it is long enough to accommodate your extension clips. However, you should be mindful of the length of your natural hair and your extension. This is because the length of your extensions determines how harder it is to blend with your natural hair.

You Are Clipping Your Extensions Too High On Your Head

Usually, this is the most common mistake people make when it comes to using hair extensions. You do not have a sufficient amount of hair on the top of your head to hide the top of your hair wefts adequately. The best clip-in extensions you’ll find in the market are manufactured to be applied at a length that is not higher than the level of your eyebrows and also attached to the roots as close as possible. The majority of the wefts are to be applied around the ear levels.

If you want to use your extensions correctly, you should clip the thin a narrow extension wefts to the frontal part of your face higher up, while the remainder should be clipped in too high. If you want to get the best of your hair extensions, you should endeavour to clip them correctly.

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