The powerful Seaberry Infused that does the HARDWORK so your extensions last longer.

Instant Volume + Shine

with the FORHALLÉ magical Thirst Fix Duo, you’d notice instant volume and shine.

Our unique formula provides:

  • 3x more moisture: Extensions / wigs are porous and need moisture to have volume. The Thirst Fix duo adds and seals moisture to give instant body.
  • 4x smoother: You’d notice the instant smooth silk feel of your hair and the healthy shine.
  • Packed with the finest vegan ingredients

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hello revamp!

your hair, your control.

have any hair in need of TLC? you can apply for our BYO program. With the BYO program, our magical fairy team will revamp your extensions/wigs for FREE.

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Think of us as your personal wig experts, because when it comes to wig care, we’ve tried it all. From shampoos to extension oils, we’ve created everything to make sure your hair is always looking its best.

From telling you what’s in our products and what’s not to always showing you real images of real results, you’re always getting the honest truth. That very same no B.S. approach also applies to how we price our products, too.

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