add 1+year

Our unique formula works really hard to make your extensions + wigs last longer.
can also be used on your natural hair

from. day 1

To add 1+ year to the life of your extensions, it is best to use a good extensions specific product from day 1

Our unique formula provides:

    • 3x more moisture: Extensions / wigs are porous and need moisture to last longer. The Seaberry Mask maintains and seals moisture to give instant body and make hair last longer.
    • 4x smoother: Our unique Seaberry Formula will maintain the  smooth silk feel of your hair and the healthy shine. Also say byebye to split ends.
    • Packed with the finest vegan ingredients
    • can be used on your natural hair

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your hair. your control:

hair revamp in only 20mins!

Detangle and wash hair. Apply the Seaberry Mask and Wonder oil. Place in the moisture bag and microwave for 60 second. Leave to rest for 20mins and voila!

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Think of us as your personal wig experts, because when it comes to wig care, we’ve tried it all. From shampoos to extension oils, we’ve created everything to make sure your hair is always looking its best.

From telling you what’s in our products and what’s not to always showing you real images of real results, you’re always getting the honest truth. That very same no B.S. approach also applies to how we price our products, too.

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